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The 2[g] Difference

The difference between HI-MACS, founded by 2[g] Concepts, and any other searchable database on the web are the fundamental values that drive them to succeed.  It is not the money, or the status, but the challenge to truly create a business that makes a difference - not in the owner's bank account, but in the lives of as many people as possible.  They realize that they are a little duck in a small pond, but their goal is to make as big a splash as possible and hope that others take notice.  Today in America, society’s definition of succes is all too commonly defined by money, status and materialism.

Through HI-MACS's advocacy of causes deemed vital to the betterment of society, they hope to redefine the definition of success.  HI-MACS believes that success should be measured by the number of people one has helped to be successful themselves.  By defining success this way, everyone wins and eventually will be better off for it.

HI-MACS's founder and team hopes other businesses and individuals will take notice and that their actions will in turn inspire others to follow suit and use their blessings to make their world a better place to live.

While, in reality, we are all little ducks, if we all do our part we can make a huge impact in our ponds!