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Gerard Houseworks Case Study

Gerard Houseworks is a premier Hi-Macs countertop fabricator in Homer, Alaska.  They have completed many notable projects in Homer and due to their commitment to excellence in customer service and quality they gain a large amount of work through word of mouth and customer referrals.  Gerard Houseworks has been effective at gaining new business through printed media and offline advertising.  However, despite their current levels of success, they knew they could be even more successful with a stronger online presence.  In today's digital society more and more people are turning to the net first in their search for everything from doctors to countertop fabricators.  Gerard Houseworks wanted to make sure that when Homer, Alaska customers searched online for countertop fabricators in Homer they were at the top of the list.

On March 4, 2011 Gerard Houseworks set up a Benefactor Listing with in an effort to strengthen their online presence.  Gerard Houseworks selected for a couple of reasons;

  1. was truly committed to helping fabricators succeed - being that the founder was a fabricator himself once
  2. is dedicated to using their profits to help make society a better place to live
  3. offered tremendous value when compared to other companies in the industry

Well the results are in.  As of March 18th, 2011 when searching on google for "himacs countertops homer, alaska" Gerard Houseworks on Ranked #1

As of March 18th, 2011 when searching on google for "countertops homer, alaska" Gerard Houseworks on ranked #7

These results are all organic rankings - not pay per click.  In fourteen (14) days Gerard Houseworks has gone from virtually no online presence to number one when searching for Hi-Macs Countertops in Homer, Alaska.  Gerard Houseworks is excited about the opportunities that lay before them with their new online presence.  For a minimal investment they have completed their marketing presence with a great ranking on Google.  It just does not get much better than that!

While it may take longer to gain rankings in your locale we strongly urge you to consider the value offered by was founded by a former fabricator to help fabricators succeed and they are committed to helping your company be more successful.  If you ever have any questions, would love to hear from you.


Gerard Houseworks now ranks #2 on Google when searching for "countertops homer, alaska"