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For Consumers

Now that you found this site, you are probably wondering how to use it.  Here are the three main ways for you, as a consumer, to utilize the site.

1) Find a HI-MACS Fabricator
You can search fabricators by state to locate those that are in your area.  On our fabricator directory you will find general listings that lead to individual fabricator pages:

  • General Listing - These listings are broken down by state and list the fabricator's name, phone number, address,  and email if available. From these listing you can link to the fabricator's individual pages (if available)
  • Fabricator Page - The fabricator's page is where you can read about the company, see pictures of their work and read or listen to recorded customer testimonials. does not promote any one fabricator over another .  HiMacsCountertops generates revenues through affiliate marketing and pay-per-clicks, not from the fabricators, so there is no incentive to promote one fabricator over another.  We encourage you to review as many fabricator profiles as it takes to ensure you can make a confidant choice in who to use.

2) Request a Quote
If you have a project coming up and would like to have fabricators in your area contact you directly, you can submit your project information and we will have HI-MACS fabricators in your area follow up with you.  We limit this option to five (5) fabricators in your area.  We forward your quote requests to different fabricators listed on our site each time to keep things fair.  After three different quotes you should be able to get a good feeling for which fabricator is going to meet your needs and goals the best.  If for some reason you still are unsure, feel free to request a quote again on our website and let us know any thoughts or concerns you might have.

3) Leave a Testimonial
Testimonials are one of the best ways to review fabricators on this site.  After you have used a fabricator, we highly encourage you to CLICK HERE and leave a personal testimonial about your experience with the fabricator.  We will post these testimonials to the fabricator's profile for others to see.  The best thing about testimonials submitted through is that you know they are honest and you can trust them. makes an effort to follow up with every testimonial to ensure its validity and keep the site the best place to find unbiased information on HI-MACS fabricators in your area.

You can now leave recorded voice testimonials that will be posted to the fabricators page.  We strongly encourage this as nothing is better than hearing someone's first hand experience in their own words and voice! To leave a voice recorded testimonial for a fabricator that you feel has done an extraordinary job call: (503) 489-9941

Remember, as a company we have two goals 1) Bring Fabricators and Consumers together and 2) use any profits we create to donate to charities and other causes that make society a better place to live. If you ever have any comments or suggestions on how we can make this site more rewarding for everyone involved, we would love to hear them.  CLICK HERE to be taken to our "Contact Us" page.