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Choosing a Fabricator

What should you look for when selecting a HI-MACS countertop fabricator?  This is probably the most common email we receive.  Here are a few suggestions:

1) Craftsmanship

  • Have you seen their finished product in person?  Ask to see a finished HI-MACS countertop in person.
  • Inspect the finish.  Is it evenly sanded and free of scratches or blemishes?
  • Feel the finish.  Is it smooth and consistent and free of voids or chips?
  • Look at the edges?  Are their any visible seams or joints?
  • Feel the edges.  Are they smooth and free of any bumps or undulations?
  • Look at the sink where it attaches to the countertop.  If it is an integral sink, is the seam line inconspicuous?  On undermount sinks, are they cleanly caulked in?
  • If you have a cooktop, ensure they use corner blocks and install a heat sheild?  Ask them to show you what this is and how they do it.
  • If your countertop will have a field seam, ask them if they strap their seams?  Ask them to show you what it is and how they do it.
  • Ask the fabricator what fabrication processes they use that set their finished product apart from their competition.
  • If you start asking these questions you will quickly begin to see what a great finished product is and what and average product is.

2) Service

  • Is the fabricator quick to return your calls?
  • Are they polite and able to schedule a time to meet with you to answer your questions?
  • How long will it take to finish your install from the time of the template?
  • Do they seem to have your best interests at heart?
  • Good service means different things to different people - what does it mean to you?

3) References

  • Can the fabricator provide you with references you can call?
  • Do they have any customer's who might be willing to show you their finished HI-MACS countertop?
  • Have they done any commercial projects you could look at?  Keep in mind though commercial projects receive significantly more wear than residential applications.

4) Knowledge

  • Do they answer all your questions?
  • Are they consistent with their answers?
  • Are they knowledgeable about the product?
  • Are they giving you honest answers or are they telling you want you want to hear to sell you?  All materials have positives and negatives.

5) Price

  • Is one price significantly higher than other quotes?  Ask them how they figured their quote?
  • Is one price significantly lower than the others?  Ask them how they figured their quote?
  • When it comes to HI-MACS all the pricing should be fairly consistent.  If you start to see large price fluctuations, ask questions - ensure you are comparing apples to apples.