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Featured Fabricators

At we are looking for featured fabricators to Blog about on a weekly basis.  If you would like to have your company featured please let us know.  All you have to do is write up a short summary about your company saying why customers should choose you and send us a few pictures of your work.  It is that simple. 

Where else can you get this type of exposure, as a fabricator, for no cost? 

Even given the tough economy there are still numerous cusotmers out there looking for quality fabricators.  We hear from them every day!  Make sure you are getting all the exposure you can!

You can email your summary and pictures to:


Solid Surface Gone Green

If you are working on a project with Green requirements such as LEED Certification you will be glad to know that with solid surface you can have your cake and eat it too.  Many solid surface manufactures are offering green alternatives to their standard product line - HIMACS in particular.  This means you not only get all the advantages of solid surface such as being nonporous and having the ability to be thermoformed, but it will help you meet your projects environmental requirements. Read moreRead more

2[g] Surfaces fabricates LG Hi-Macs

Hi-Macs Solid Surface

So why do we support Hi-Macs so much at  Well, there are several reasons. Read moreRead more