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Welcome Aboard!

We are so happy to see more and more fabricators joining the site each and every day.  Solid surface is one of the premier countertop surfaces in the industry and the demand is strong.  We are seeing more and more customers searching for HiMacs countertops, expecially now that they are made in America and their pallet boasts over 110 colors.

We now feature fabricators from the US, Australia and India!  We welcome you to the site and look forward to helping customers find your companies!

HiMacs Countertop

Locate a Countertop Fabricator is the best online resource available for locating quality HI-MACS fabricators. You can search for countertop fabricators in your neighborhood by going to "Locate a Fabricator" in the menu.  HI-MACS is adding new countertop fabricators daily. Read moreRead more


Find Customers with HiMacs

Gerard Houseworks is a premier Hi-Macs countertop fabricator in Homer, Alaska.  They have completed many notable projects in Homer and due to their commitment to excellence in customer service and quality they gain a large amount of work through word of mouth and customer referrals.  Gerard Houseworks has been effective at gaining new business through printed media and offline advertising.  However, despite their current levels of success, they knew they could be even more successful with a stronger online presence.  In today's digital society more and more people are turning to the net first in their search for everything from doctors to countertop fabricators.  Gerard Houseworks wanted to make sure that when Homer, Alaska customers searched online for countertop fabricators in Homer they were at the top of the list. Read moreRead more


Solid Surface Technologies Customer Testimonial

Here is another great customer testimonial we received.  This one is for Solid Surface Technologies in Springfield, Oregon.

I love my counter top each and every day I use it. Every time a friend comes over they always compliment it. Having no lip from the counter to the sink makes cleaning up all my spills a piece of cake. Thank you!
–Andy Sullivan

Keep up the great work!

2g Surfaces: HI-MACS samples backlit to show translucency

Design with Translucent Solid Surface

One of the more exciting design options with solid surface is the ability to back light certain colors to make them glow.  You can also create designs, etchings or pictures that when backlit show a picture or secret message.

Read moreRead more


Solid Surface Gone Green

If you are working on a project with Green requirements such as LEED Certification you will be glad to know that with solid surface you can have your cake and eat it too.  Many solid surface manufactures are offering green alternatives to their standard product line - HIMACS in particular.  This means you not only get all the advantages of solid surface such as being nonporous and having the ability to be thermoformed, but it will help you meet your projects environmental requirements. Read moreRead more

2[g] Surfaces fabricates LG Hi-Macs

Hi-Macs Solid Surface

So why do we support Hi-Macs so much at  Well, there are several reasons. Read moreRead more

HiMacs Kitchen

Advantages of Solid Surface

So what are the advantages of solid surface materials such as Hi-Macs?

Colors Galore – The color options are endless.  HiMacs alone has stunning pallette of 113 colors and patterns.  There is sure to be a color that meets your design style.  The design possibilities are without limit. Read moreRead more