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Mission Statement strives daily to exceed one's expectations - both our customers' and our own. Our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality products and services so that in return we can generate profits that we can use to donate and make society a better place to live.

Core Values

  • To treat all Customers with respect, in an open and honest fashion.
  • To provide our Customers the highest quality services and products that are available.
  • To ensure we develop and add products to expand our offering to meet the current and future needs of our Customers.

Employee Commitments

  • To treat all Employees with respect, in an open and honest fashion.
  • To provide a work environment for all staff that is safe and free of harassment of any kind.
  • To be an equal opportunity employer who respects and supports the diversity of our work force.
  • To provide compensation, training and education and advancement opportunity that allow employees to improve their personal and professional lives.

Charitable Commitments

  • To run as lean an organization as possible to maximize donations to efforts that make a difference in society.
  • Listen to our Customers' and Supporters' needs and wants to maximize our abilities to give.