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About Us is dedicated to helping bring together consumers and reputable fabricators of HI-MACS solid surface on the web.  We know that to many people, a kitchen or bath remodel will be one of the biggest investments they will ever make.  This is the reason why we strive so hard to make sure consumers are paired with reputable fabricators in their locale.

There are two goals for this site:

1) Help consumers find trustworthy, reputable countertop fabricators in their neighborhood that will provide unmatched levels of customer service and product quality.

2) Bring fabricators customer leads from individuals that recognize the value of working with an honest, reputable business.

At we want to provide the most comprehensive list of HiMacs and solid surface countertop fabricators on the web.  We encourage all countertop fabricators to have customers submit testimonials (both written and recorded) so that consumers can be sure they are making the best choice possible when selecting a company to handle their project.  We also encourage fabricators to create benefactor listings so that potential customers can get a more indepth look into the company operations and previous work experience so that they can make a more informed purchasing decision.

That being said their is no substitute for customers meeting first hand with the fabricators they are choosing between.  We encourage both parties to work openly with each other and ask questions. In order to ensure an install turns out great, it is important for both sides to have a clear understanding of each parties expectations.

Whether you are a fabricator or consumer we are always here to answer any questions you might have.  You can contact us any time by phone or email.  Our contact information is available HERE.